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1st Conversation Class Workshop 2015<img alt="" src="" style="BORDER:px solid;" />ículo/noticias/docentes/1st-Conversation-Class-Workshop-20151st Conversation Class Workshop 2015GP0|#a74892f7-4150-4c7f-a36a-3619f175fa9e;L0|#0a74892f7-4150-4c7f-a36a-3619f175fa9e|Docentes;GTSet|#4537e1f2-a63f-4c08-936c-d693cf7b76f0;GPP|#2b71d8cf-50db-43a1-a717-e692ee7733e8;GPP|#46a8fd11-4528-41a6-aa1e-fe1f4dbb85df"Together we Stand": What have we been doing effectively? What do we need to do differently?2015-07-17T19:53:22Z<p class="ceibal-rteElement-p">​​​​​<img src="" alt="" style="margin:5px;" /> </p><p class="ceibal-rteElement-p">Conversation Class Workshop 2015: 3 new dates added in September!</p><p class="ceibal-rteElement-p"><strong>"Together we Stand"</strong></p><p class="ceibal-rteElement-p">What have we been doing effectively? What do we need to do differently?</p><p class="ceibal-rteElement-p">Changes in education are to be implemented and constantly revised. For this reason, Ceibal en Inglés has the pleasure to invite all Remote Teachers (RTs) and Classroom Teachers of English (CTEs) to the first Conversation Class Workshop 2015, "Together we Stand". The aim is to improve and strengthen the programme by working together in an <a href="" target="_blank">open space</a> dynamic.<br></p><p class="ceibal-rteElement-p">RTs and CTEs will be able to discuss, clarify and interrogate topics of greatest interest, from the hottest topic: RTs and CTEs roles, to oral skills learning opportunities for the students.</p><p class="ceibal-rteElement-p"><strong>Two new dates are available in September, as lessons may not be cancelled and participation is mandatory.</strong></p><p class="ceibal-rteElement-p"> </p><p class="ceibal-rteElement-p"><strong>When:</strong> Thursday 17th September (10:00 to 12:30), Friday 18th September (15:00 to 17:30), Saturday 19th September (10:00 to 12:30) (choose just one).</p><p class="ceibal-rteElement-p"><strong>Where:</strong> Montevideo, LATU (Sala 1, Edificio Los Ceibos).</p><p class="ceibal-rteElement-p"><strong>How to enrol:</strong> <a href="">click here</a> and find the workshop of your choice.</p><p class="ceibal-rteElement-p">For those coming from outside Montevideo: bus tickets and one-day accommodation will be supplied. Should you need assistance for bus tickets and accommodation, please read <a href="">the following procedure</a>.</p><p class="ceibal-rteElement-p"><br></p><p class="ceibal-rteElement-p"><strong>Inspección de Inglés de Secundaria and Plan Ceibal hope to count with your experience!</strong></p><p class="ceibal-rteElement-p"><strong>Your insight is fundamental to the good development of this innovative project.</strong></p><p class="ceibal-rteElement-p"> If you have any queries, please contact:</p><p class="ceibal-rteElement-p"><a href=""></a></p><p class="ceibal-rteElement-p">2601 5773 int. 2151​​</p>GP0|#6a6f9f46-9d94-4146-8461-6801cbbe03db;L0|#06a6f9f46-9d94-4146-8461-6801cbbe03db|docente;GTSet|#e5df70cf-3615-4b24-bb3a-5be2a5f5d739

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1st Conversation Class Workshop 2015

"Together we Stand": What have we been doing effectively? What do we need to do differently?