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Studying online? An urgent matter

Recurso REA

Online Learning is more wide spread and accessible every day. Many classrooms incorporate online environments into their in-person curriculum, and professional education frequently uses online spaces. But what does it mean to be a student in a digital world?

We are going to treat the topic right here and now to improve our comunication skills (listening and reading). ¡Go Ahead!

Recurso creado en el marco del Microtaller: "Recursos Educativos Abiertos | Laboratorio de Objetos de Aprendizaje". Postítulo "Innovación en las Prácticas con el uso de Recursos Educativos Abiertos", Plan Ceibal y Consejo de Formación en Educación (CFE) de la ANEP. (2021)

Datos generales


  • To promote reading and listening comprehension skills
  • To provide students with useful tips to be a successful online student.
  • To raise awareness on the importance of technological resources during the pandemic.



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Adriana Díaz Gentile


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